Applied Systems

Monitor, Fleet Management System

Monitor, Fleet Management System

Monitor is an online monitoring platform with custom capabilities, which has multiple custom functionalities.

VissionAir, surveillance software

VissionAir, surveillance software

Geographical areas can be checked through the capture and stream in real time of georeferenced and parameterized images and videos.
Merge images, obtain data and export important information to obtain an analysis of the current situation.

NoticeMobile, capture and stream georeferenced images and videos

Notice Mobile, capture and stream georeferenced images and videos

Manage images and videos in real time. Resources are obtained, transmitted and recived in mobile devices (tablets or smartphones)


Our services

Contact with a specialized company in photogrametry, LIDAR and applied systems

Support in applied systems

Heligràfics offers a custom client service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Specialized technicians in:
    – Fleet management
    – Inspection and surveillance services

Specialized technicians in fleet management, inspection and surveillance software

Our technicians realize any installation and clients formation

Specialized technicians manage and realize any required installation where client needs it.

Heligràfics offers custom formation to obtain the best efficiency with our products.