Our team

Heligràfics is composed of an excellent human and professional group whose main objective is to meet total quality services requested by our customers.

Heligràfics is a dynamic and experienced team, in which the continuous training of our technicians with special upgrade to the latest technologies enables us to provide services of the highest quality anywhere in the world.

Antonio Nacher Abad

Fernando Ripoll
Technical Manager

Carlos Ferreiro Roman
Technical Director of Photogrammetry

José Sánchez Santonja
Head of Logistics and media

Pablo Ruiz Rabadán
Sensor operator and developer

Javier Sanz
Sensor operator, developer and customer support

Henar Mataix Valero
Responsible for Applied Systems

José Luis Llorca
Logistics and accounting

Sergio Sancho
Chief Application Developer and Flight Attendant

Pedro Andreu
Responsible System Quality Management and MA

Miguel Gilabert

Juan José Ortega
Technical operator