Heligràfics. Applied systems, photogrammetry and LIDAR


Oficina de Heligràfics

Heligràfics Photogrammetry is a company based technology founded in 2005 and throughout his career has specialized in jobs of collecting and recording data from airborne sensors, as well as in the development of software and applications for the management and operation of the recorded information.

Heligràfics has a large number of professionals in the field of information technology, aerospace, cartography, topography, scheduling and logistics that allows us to face all kinds of projects anywhere in the world. Teams are systems Heligrafics has the latest technology and that makes us very competitive and globally recognized company.



Heligràfics has developed projects on 4 continents and from our headquarters in Spain, we have addressed all kinds aerial survey worldwide Heligràficsof projects where our customers need our work.

Our company meets this year 10 years of experience and work in the world of photogrammetry and applied in aeronautical systems environments.From our new website we want to congratulate all those who are and have been part of our history, and all our customers and partners who for years have relied on our project.

We hope to fulfill years and experience lead us to achieve all our objectives.